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Orthopedic Follow-up Care

Follow-up care is just as important as the actual orthopedic therapy.  Injuries may seem to show positive healing progress and the patient is sent home to continue their recovery there.  However, there are still certain risks involved and proper precaution has to be taken to ensure that the recovery of the patient is continuous.  This is where Orthopedic Follow-up Care becomes a valuable service that the patient can take advantage of.

Our specialists at Quality Home Health Care, LLC provide this service to clients at home.  The program aims to meet the following:

  • Remove or reduce hazards at home that put the client at risk of falling
  • Evaluate the client’s conditions and recommend treatment (if needed)
  • Ensure the recovery of the injury
  • Provide sound advice that reduces the chances of the client’s hospital or convalescent care readmission
  • Encourage the involvement of family members in the recovery of the client’s injury

Do you know someone in your family who may need this program at home? Please call Quality Home Health Care, LLC at 630-519-3987 for a consultation with our orthopedic specialists.

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