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Teaching and Monitoring

Many of those who have a disability or an illness will not know how to initially deal with their conditions.  They need guidance.  Their health needs to be overseen.  Supervision of care is important and this is where our teaching and monitoring services come into the picture.

Quality Home Health Care, LLC has staff who can provide teaching services and monitoring of the client’s health.  The program includes:

  • Client visits at home after hospitalization
  • Teaching the client self-care skills or helping the client with self-care skills restoration
  • Assisting the client in accessing rehabilitative care services from our agency or any provider who is endorsed by the client’s physician
  • Supervising the implementation of the care plan

On regular intervals or on an as needed basis, our staff will also visit the client at home and conduct an assessment of the client’s reaction to the care plan.  If the client shows progress, we will also facilitate for adjustments to the care plan that is previously established.

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